Cell Culture, Analysis and Customization Service 

To support preclinical in-vivo research and development, GemPharmatech has developed a comprehensive in-vitro cell culture, analysis, and customization platform. This Cell Line Customization platform is capable of:

  • Culturing more than 100 human and mouse tumor cell lines, and bone marrow derive macrophages 

  • Isolating primary cells from tissue samples 

  • Sorting cells using magnetic beads and FACS 

  • Phenotyping immune cells using flow cytometry 

  • Genetically engineering existing cell lines with targeted gene knockout and knockin as well as luciferase expression  

  • Performing in-vitro cell killing assays, tumor infiltrating lymphocyte assays, cell proliferation assays and antibody binding assays 

To increase the translatability of preclinical research to clinical development, the need to use humanized mouse models and mouse tumor cell lines has increased substantially over the past few years. Using CRISPR-Cas9 technology, GemPharmatech has genetically engineered many mouse syngeneic tumor cell lines to express human target genes (Table 1), enabling evaluation of antibody immunotherapies that target human antigens. This, in conjunction with the humanized immune checkpoint mouse portfolio, greatly enhanced the capability and versatility of preclinical service we can provide to customers.  


Table 1. Available wildtype and genetically engineered mouse tumor cell lines with human target gene expression.
Background Cancer Types Cell Lines Modified Cell Lines
BALB/c Colorectal Cancer CT26.WT, Colon26 CT26-hHer2, CT26-hEGFR, CT26-hPDL1, CT26-hCD47, CT26-hPDL1/hCD47, CT26-hCSF1, CT26-hPDL1/hCSF1, CT26-hVEGFA, CT26-hCD73, CT26-hPDL1/hCD73, CT26-hPDL1/Claudin18.2
Breast Cancer 4T1, EMT6 4T1-hHER2, 4T1-hEGFR, 4T1-hGCPII, 4T1-hEpCAM, 4T1-hPSMA, 4T1-hPDL1, EMT6-hPDL1
Liver Cancer H22 -
Lymphoma A20 A20-hCD19, A20-hCD20
Renal Cancer Renca -
Myeloma MPC-11, MOPC-315 MOPC-315-hBCMA
Leukemia WEHI-3 WEHI-3-hCD33
C57BL/6 Colorectal Cancer MC38 MC38-hPDL1, MC38-hCD47, MC38-hPDL1/hCD47, MC38-hCSF1, MC38-hPDL1/hCSF1, MC38-hCD73, MC38-hPDL1/hCD73, MC38-hPDL1/Claudin18.2
Melanoma B16-F0, B16-F1, B16-F10 -
Lymphoma E.G7-OVA -
Lung Cancer LLC1 (LL/2) LLC1-Luc
Liver Cancer Hepa1-6 -
Leukemia C1498 -