Cre Strains for Spatiotemporal Control of Gene Expression

Genetic engineering with the Cre-lox system has proven to be vital to understanding gene function. GemPharmatech has generated nearly 200 Cre mouse strains which have been carefully designed for efficient and reliable Cre-driven recombination. The use of CRISPR-Cas9 enables precise targeting of the Cre sequence into a desired locus. Improved Cre, or iCre, increases expression of the protein and decreases the chances of epigenetic silencing. For temporal control of expression, we offer over 50 inducible Cre-ERT2 strains. In addition to our Cre portfolio, we also have Dre recombinase mouse strains. The Dre-rox system can be used in conjunction with Cre-lox, allowing for manipulation of gene expression within subpopulations of cell types. Our Cre mice strains complement our large library of over 7,000 conditional knockout mice, allowing for seemingly endless genetic combinations to meet your research needs.

Advantages of GemPharmatech’s Cre Driver Strains:

  • Validated expression: Our Cre and Dre strains undergo in-house validation to ensure there is ample expression in the expected tissues.
  • Quick identification of cells: We have several Cre driver strains that co-express a reporter, such as LacZ, Td-Tomato, or EGFP, permitting immediate labeling of Cre-expressing and KO cells.
  • Intricate manipulation of gene expression: We offer 16 Dre-rox strains, allowing for increasingly complex manipulation of cell-type-specific gene expression.
  • 192 strains and growing: We have many more Cre strains in development, and custom strains can be generated upon request.

fluorescent reporters reveal Cre- expressing cells