If you don't have the time, staff, space, or resources to manage your mouse colony, GemPharmatech's custom mouse breeding services provides the solution. Given the needs for your research program, GemPharmatech will design a detailed breeding plan, maintain the most reasonable breeding scale, and provide the cohort at the right time and right size, so you can focus on your research.

GemPharmatech has more than 12 years of full AAALAC accreditation, with more than ten years of custom breeding experience, serving renowned research institutions world-wide. We use comprehensive colony management systems to provide real-time electronic recording of colony status with single-animal resolution. We treat animals humanely and care about their health and well-being.

Our animal facility design concept is energy-efficient, intelligent and versatile. Our headquarters facility is one of the longest-running large-scale semi-automated mouse production facilities in China. The building area of the facility is over 10,000 m2, housing more than 100,000 mouse cages. Temperature, humidity, air pressure and ventilation are automatically monitored and regulated. Our heat pump achieves an energy efficiency of 50%, providing energy to all air conditioning systems of the facility. Both SFP (specific pathogen free) and germfree health status are regularly monitored and well maintained.

In the US, we partner with some of the most highly respected companies and institutions in the mouse business to support our production. Animal care and veterinary services ensure the best quality animals are provided to our customers. Contact us for detailed information on our animal care and health monitoring and testing programs.