ES HR Technology

ES Homologous Recombination(HR) Technology for obtaining gene-edited mouse models is more suitable for establishing mouse models with complex editing strategies or larger inserts than CRISPR/Cas9 technology.


1.Self-deletion of resistance genes: saving 3 months modeling time

2.BAC shooting technology: achieving 100-300kb large segment knock-in

3.Rich experience in model establishment: producing the first domestic CKO model in 2005; from then on, more than 700 ES target models have been successfully completed.

4.Multi-background: 129S6/SvEvTac, C57BL/6N

ES targeting technology is a gene editing technology that integrates foreign DNA into the genome of ES cells through homologous recombination, which obtains animal models through ES as the medium.The details of KO, CKO, ko-first and KI/PM gene-edited mice produced by ES Homologous Recombination Technology are as follows:

Gene Knockout(KO)

Gene Knockout

Knock out Strategy

Conditional gene knockout(CKO)


CKO Strategy

KO first

KO first

KO first Strategy

Gene knockin(KI)/Point mutation(PM)


Knock in Strategy