GemPharmatech has worked diligently to obtain AALAC and ICLAS certification to establish our state-of-the-art germ-free mouse model facilities and research platform. Our team of researchers are experienced in creating, breeding, and maintaining germ-free mouse models, which can be used to perform various preclinical services for you.  


Current Services

Sterile Purification and Breeding 

  • Caesarean Section

  • Sterile Embryo Transfer

Colonization of Single or Several Strains 

  • Single Bacterial Strain Culturing 

  • Strain Transplantation via Oral Gavage 

  • Tissue Collection 

  • Histopathological Analysis (e.g., H&E stain) 

  • Phenotypic Assessment Including:  

    • Body and Organ Weight
    • Glycated Hemoglobin
    • Glucose (GTT) and Insulin (ITT) Tolerance Tests
    • Dual-energy X-ray Absorption (DEXA) Analysis for Bone Mineral Density and Body Composition
    • Metabolic Cage Testing (e.g., CO2 Production, O2 Consumption, Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER), Heat, Activity)
    • Blood Biochemistry Analysis (e.g., AST, ALT, HDL, LDL, Creatine, Blood Urea Nitrogen etc.)
    • Hematology

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

  • Sample Preservation 

  • Isolation and Extraction of Microbiota 

  • In Vivo Transplantation via Oral Gavage  

  • Phenotypic Assessment (for details see above)  

  • Tissue Collection 

  • Cell Sorting/Counting via Flow Cytometry 

  • Chemokine and Cytokine Assessment by ELISA 

  • Western Blots 

  • Histopathological Analysis (e.g., H&E, IHC) 

  • Our team can also work with a third-party collaborator to provide you with sequencing data. Please contact us for more information. 

In Vivo Efficacy Testing Services: Our experienced pharmacology team can perform the following tests in germ-free mice:  

  • Efficacy of Small Molecules and Immunotherapy  

  • Immune Checkpoint Modulator Evaluation  

  • huPBMC and huHSC Reconstitution and Efficacy Testing  

  • Non-GLP Toxicity Studies  

Additional Services 

  • Antibiotic Cleaning 

  • Microbial Baseline Normalization 



Available Mouse Models 

The following germ-free mouse models are available for use in conjunction with our germ-free testing services described above. Please note, mice are readily available in the following backgrounds B6, BALB/c, NCG, and ICR. We can also create custom models to suit your specific research needs.

  • Surgical Models

    Surgical methods can be used to create various models including a reperfusion model of myocardial ischemia and an ovariectomy model of osteoporosis.

  • Diet and Microbe-Induced Models 

    Our team has extensive experience creating diet induced models that can be combined with microbe-induced models to develop several mice for metabolism research (e.g., obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver model, hyperlipidemia, diabetes). We can also use these well-established methods to create models of pneumonia and enteritis.

  • Drug Induced Models 

    Drugs are commonly used in preclinical research to make robust models for immunology, oncology, virology, metabolism, neurodegeneration, and other research areas. Some of our most popular drug induced models include: 

    • Streptozotocin (STZ) and high fat diet- induced diabetes model
    • Trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid (TNBS) and Dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) induced enteritis model
    • Caerulein model of pancreatitis
    • Ornidazole-induced Asthenozoospermia
    • Tripterygium wilfordii model of premature ovarian failure

Our team is currently working on developing drug-induced models of autism, vaginal microbiota disorder, and rheumatoid arthritis.  

  • Other Models 

    In addition to the models described above, we can also create the following models: 

    • Lung Injury Model – using our germ-free isolator we can create a high oxygen lung injury model.
    • Physical Restraint Models of stress, anxiety, and depression.
    • Myeloablation Model using our NCG mice

    Does your research require a specific model not listed here? We may be able to create a custom germ-free mouse model for you! Contact us to learn more.