GemPharmatech joined the International Mouse Phenotype Consortium (IMPC) in 2012 and completed our internationally standardized phenotypic analysis platform in 2013. The phenotyping process begins at 9.5 days during embryonic development and ends at 16.5 weeks of age. It covers 20 major tests including cardiovascular activities, facial features, energy metabolism, body composition, bone homeostasis, neural behavioral tests, blood biochemistry, blood and immune cells, and tissue morphology. As a member of the IMPC, we completed the phenotypic analysis of 250 strains and shared the data with other consortium members. 

We now provide an expanded phenotypic analysis service which also includes tumor immunology and metabolic analysis as well as pharmacology and pathology screening. GemPharmatech has a first-class animal facility that is AAALAC certified.

Phenotypic Screening

phenotypic screening

Screening Types

screening for metabolism, cardiovascular, skeletal, sensory, behavioral, immunology, and development