Our passion and dedication to advancing preclinical research goes beyond providing you with innovative mouse models. We are also committed to supporting you by offering preclinical efficacy services. Let our experienced scientists determine the safety and efficacy of your compounds using our models and facilities. We will ensure that testing is controlled and that you receive reliable, quality data. We are currently offering efficacy services in the following areas:


We have an extensive collection of genetically engineered mouse models in oncology research and cancer medicine that can be used for efficacy testing. Our team can perform a variety of tests including 14 marker flow cytometry, TIL analysis, small molecule testing, bioassays, and toxicology studies. To learn more about our oncology research models and testing options here.


Our team can perform various metabolic efficacy tests including glycated hemoglobin assays, glucose and insulin tolerance tests, metabolic cage testing, and blood biochemistry analysis. We have developed a series of metabolic mouse strains for various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and hyperlipidemia. To learn more about our metabolic efficacy testing and models click here.

Coming Soon

We are in the process of expanding our preclinical efficacy services to include neurodegenerative mouse models and testing. If you are interested in a specific service not mentioned above, please contact us to discuss.