Basic Information

Strain Name B6/JGpt-Ccr2em8Cd6657/Gpt
Strain Number T006112
Official Symbol Ccr2
Official Full Name chemokine CC motif receptor 2
Also Known As Ccckr2,Ccr2a,Ccr2b,Ckr2,Ckr2a,Ckr2b,Cmkbr2,mJer
NCBI Number 12772
Research Areas respiratory system Cell Proliferation , digestive/alimentary system , Protein metabolism , liver/biliary system , renal/urinary system , Physiological system , homeostasis/metabolism , behavior/neurological , cell differentiation , Cell biology , Molecular biology , Metabolic research , Developmental Biology , cellular , growth/size/body , hematopoietic system , mortality/aging , pigmentation , Cell localization , immune system , Organelles membrane , integument , cardiovascular system , Tumor research , nervous system , Signal Transduction , skeleton , vision/eye
Strain Background C57BL/6JGpt
Modification Type Knockout (KO)
Related Links NCBI: 12772
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Product Status

Inventory Status Cryopreserved
Sale Status Available for Distribution
Health Status Specific pathogen free (SPF)

Published Literature

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Mesenchymal stem cells attenuate liver fibrosis by targeting Ly6Chi/lo macrophages through activating the cytokine-paracrine and apoptotic pathways


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