Basic Information

Strain Name BALB/cJGpt-Cd47em1Cin(hCD47)/Gpt
Strain Number T014646
Official Symbol Cd47,CD47
Official Full Name CD47 antigen,CD47 molecule
Also Known As 9130415E20Rik,AA407862,AI848868,AW108519,B430305P08Rik,IAP,Itgp,IAP,MER6,OA3
NCBI Number 16423 , 961
Research Areas Humanized model Tumor immunity , Humanization of immune checkpoints
Strain Background BALB/cJGpt
Modification Type CRISPR/Cas9 Knockin(KI)
Genotyping Protocols
Related Links NCBI: 16423961
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Product Status

Inventory Status Cryopreserved
Sale Status Available for Distribution
Health Status Specific pathogen free (SPF)

CD47, also known as integrin-associated protein (IAP), is widely expressed on the surface of cells. CD47 can interact with inhibitory receptor signaling protein alpha (SIRPα), thrombospondin (TSP1), andintegrins mediating a series of reactions such as apoptosis, proliferation, and immunity [1, 2]. Studies haveconfirmed that CD47 molecules are over expressed in many malignant tumors, such as acute myeloidleukemia (AML), B-cell and T-cell acute leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and their expressionlevel negatively correlated with the prognosis of the disease. Tumor cells can escape the immune surveillanceof macrophage through the CD47-SIRPa signaling pathway. Therefore, blocking the binding of CD47toSIRPα by CD47 antibody can activate the phagocytosis of macrophage and the antigen presentation of DCcells. CD47 can combine with other immunotherapies to inhibit tumor growth [3,4]. GemPharmatech used the gene editing technology to replace the CD47 extracellular domainof BALB/c mice with the corresponding human fragments, and independently developed the BALB/c-hCD47humanized mouse model. This model completely preserves the intracellular portion of mouse CD47protein, ensuring normal intracellular signal transduction. This strain successfully expressed human CD47. BALB/c-hCD47 is an ideal animal model for evaluating the efficacy and safety of human CD47 inhibitors.


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