Basic Information

Strain Name NOD/ShiLtJGpt-Prkdcem26Cd52Il2rgem26Cd22Rosa26em1Cin(hCSF2&IL3&KITLG)/Gpt
Strain Number T036669
Official Symbol CSF2,IL3,KITLG
Official Full Name colony stimulating factor 2,interleukin 3,KIT ligand
NCBI Number 1437 , 3562 , 4254
Research Areas immune system Humanized model , Disease and Drug Evaluation Model
Strain Background NOD/ShiLtJGpt
Modification Type Knockin(KI) Knockout (KO)
Genotyping Protocols -
Related Links NCBI: 1437 3562 4254
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Sale Status Available for Distribution
Health Status Specific pathogen free (SPF)

Severe immune-deficient strain NCG is established by CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Prkdc (Protein kinase, DNA activated, catalytic polypeptide) and Il2rg(Common gamma chain receptor)genes are knocked out on NOD/ShiltJGpt background. The genetic background of NOD/ShiltJGpt makes this line have natural immunodeficiency, such as complement system and macrophage defects [1]. At the same time, the Sirpa on NOD/ShiltJGpt has high affinity with human CD47, making it more suitable for colonization of human grafts (e.g. tumors and human cells) than other strains [2]. Therefore, NCG is the most thorough mouse model of the immune-deficient to date, and is very suitable for Cell derived xenograft (CDX), Patient derived xenograft (PDX), humanperipheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and human hematopoietic stem cell (CD34+HSC) transplantation for immune reconstruction [3]. however,in the reconstruction of human immune system, mouse cytokines often have poor effects on human hematopoietic cells due to species differences. Although reconstructed T cells respond well, the development of myeloid immune cells is limited. In order to improve the implantation of human immune cells, three human cytokine genes, including human stem cell factor (SCF, also named as KITLG), granulocyte/macrophage colonystimulating factor 2 (GM-CSF, also named as CSF2) and interleukin-3 (IL-3) were introduced intoNCG mice, and the obtained NCG-SGM3 humanized mouse model could better promote the expansion of myeloid cells as well as the T cells, B cells and NK cells [4, 5], and improve the migration efficiency of AML[6, 7]. The NCG-SGM3 mice verified by phenotypic analysis can be matched with other cytokines humanized mouse strains and also will become an important model for the reconstruction of the human immune system


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