Basic Information

Strain Name BALB/cJGpt-Tg(hCD3E)102/Gpt
Strain Number T001550
Official Symbol CD3E,Cd3e
Official Full Name CD3e molecule,CD3 antigen, epsilon polypeptide
Also Known As T3E,TCRE,IMD18,CD3,T3e,AI504783,CD3epsilon
NCBI Number 916
Research Areas immune system Humanized model , Humanization of immune checkpoints
Strain Background BALB/cJGpt
Modification Type Transgenic(Tg)
Genotyping Protocols -
Related Links NCBI: 916
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Inventory Status Live , Cryopreserved
Sale Status Available for Distribution
Health Status Specific pathogen free (SPF)

CD3E encoded the CD3-epsilon polypeptide, which together with CD3-gamma, -delta and-zeta, and the T-cell receptor alpha/beta and gamma/delta heterodimers, forms the T-cell receptor-CD3 complex. This complex plays an important role in coupling antigen recognition toseveral intracellular signal-transduction pathways [1,2]. CD3ε plays a critical role in formation andfunction of the TCR-CD3 complex. T cell bispecific antibody (TCB), an important class of drugagainst variety of tumors, binds to a tumor associated antigen (TAA) and human CD3ε (hCD3ε), and directs specific killing of tumor cells carrying the TAA[5]. However, therapeutic TCBs usuallydon’t cross-reactive to mouse CD3E as hCD3ε shares only 47% homology with mouse CD3ε (mCD3ε) in the extracellular domain, thus there is an unmet need for suitable animal models toevaluate the therapeutic efficacy of TCB candidates. BALB/c-hCD3E model was established by injection of BAC clone harboring whole humanCD3E gene and its regulatory elements into BALB/c zygotes. These transgenic mice co-express human and mouse CD3ε in over 90% of its T-cells and had normal immune systemcompared towild-type BALB/c mice. Moreover, we knocked out mCd3e in BALB/c-hCD3E mice to generate BALB/c-hCD3E/mCd3e-KO mice that displayed a marked reduction in the number of splenic Tcells, as well as percentages and numbers of CD4 + and CD8 + T cells. Importantly, strong tumor inhibition of anti-mCTLA4 was observed in BALB/c-hCD3E but not BALB/c-hCD3E/mCd3e-KO mice. These data indicates that mCD3ε is indispensable for Tcell normal function and the BALB/c-hCD3E mice carrying intact mCD3ε are ideal models for efficacy study of T cell bispecific antibodies


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