Recapitulating human cancer in mice

GemPharmatech has developed a large portfolio of syngeneic mouse tumor models for custom drug efficacy and pharmacokinetics testing on both BALB/c and C57BL/6 backgrounds to better serve the needs of cancer researchers. They complement the growing list of humanized immune checkpoint mouse models for anti-cancer immunotherapies R&D. They potentially have higher sensitivity as well as improved temporal resolution of the response.

Syngeneic mouse tumor cell lines have been widely used to recapitulate human cancer in mice. BALB/c is widely used in cancer immunotherapy research. Its sensitivity to carcinogens has made it the most imperative source for developing syngeneic tumor cell lines, such as, colon cancer (CT26), breast cancer (4T1), liver cancer (H22), melanoma (B16F10), and B cell carcinoma (A20). Similarly, C57BL/6, the most popular inbred strain in the scientific community, has been used extensively for making gene edited models for varied applications in genetics, oncology, and other studies. BALB/c and C57BL/6 have different immune characteristics, such as varying expression levels of CD14, toll-like receptor, TGF beta, and MDSC as well as different responses to some viral infections.

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