Transgenic Technology

Obtained Genetic engineering mouse models by random integration of DNA into the mouse genome is generally used for the establishment of overexpressed or conditioned overexpressed mice.With the increasing efficiency of KI, most researchers have selected H11 or Rosa26 site KI to make overexpressed mouse models.


1.BAC transgenic technology to achieve a transgenic model of 100-300kb or more

2.Multiple background selection C57BL/6J, C57BL/6N, BALB/C, FVB, FVB, NOD/LTJ, NCG, etc.

The transgenic animal model was established by injecting DNA directly into the mouse fertilized egg pronucleus by microinjection technology. The characteristics of the transgene, the schematic diagram and the differences with KI (H11/Rosa26) are as follows:


Models with different expression levels;

Random insertion (site, copy number);

Simultaneous injection of multiple genes;

Need to establish lines.

Transgene Table


TG Vector