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Goal and Scope:

GemPharmatech is proud to launch the KnockOut All Project (KOAP) which aims to build a resource library of conditional knockout and knockout models for more than 22,000 of all protein coding genes in the mouse genome. This effort draws upon GemPharmatech’s strong R & D capability, which allows us to produce over 6,000 new mutant strains annually. With the phase I launch of KOAP, we have completed constructing more than 16,000 mouse lines using CRISPR/Cas9 technology. We are now launching phase II, which presents a wonderful opportunity to match your research needs with our ever-growing resources. Contact us today!

Phase II Promotion Time:

Jan 1st 2021 until Dec. 31st 2021

Project Turnaround Time:

Customized model construction for any gene within the scope of Phase II is as fast as 90 days or on average 3-6 months. Such models can be found on our website via search. Otherwise, an average of 5-8 months would be needed to produce the mutant strain at the same cost.


Three F1 heterozygotes will be provided for each project.


$9,900 USD per strain, excluding shipping and handling. GemPharmatech offers complimentary shipment arrangement with World Courier on behalf of the customer. If the customer chooses to use GemPharmatech’s shipping and handling services, an additional $3,310 USD will be charged.

How to Order:

Simply search your gene of interest on our website.
Please contact to place your order.

Who We Are:

GemPharmatech is a global biotech company dedicated to innovations in generating novel genetically modified mouse models and providing world-class preclinical drug efficacy and safety screening services for biomedical research around the world. We are ranked #1 in Asian and #4 around the globe among mouse resources providers and distributors.

Advantages of KOAP